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Buried Penis services offered in Upper East Side, New York, NY

Both boys and adult men can suffer from buried penis, in which a normal-sized penis hides under the skin of the abdomen, scrotum, or thigh. At the office of Gregory Amend, MD, in the Upper East Side neighborhood of New York City, New York, patients can receive the surgical care they need for this condition. Call the office or use the online scheduling tool to get started on a treatment plan today. 

Buried Penis Q & A

Why do males develop buried penis?

Buried penis can be present at birth, but in some cases, it develops later in life. Most cases are seen in babies and toddlers, where the ligaments attaching the penis to underlying structures may be weaker than average. 

In some patients, excess fat around the abdomen and genital area hides the penis. Lymphedema, which is swelling around the scrotum, also buries the penis. 

When should I seek treatment for a buried penis?

Buried penis can cause several complications and problems. Males with a buried penis may have trouble urinating while standing or even sitting.

Buried penis is also more likely to cause urinary tract infections (UTIs) because of the moist skin in the area. If a man is uncircumcised, the foreskin covering the head of the penis becomes irritated and inflamed.

Buried penis interferes with getting an erection and intercourse. Buried penis can also affect a boy or man’s self-esteem. 

How do you treat buried penis?

Buried penis in babies and toddlers often resolves on its own. If the condition persists, Dr. Amend recommends surgery. 

The type of surgery he uses depends on your particular case. He may include: 

  • Removing scar tissue
  • Abdominoplasty to remove excess fat and skin from the abdomen (a tummy tuck)
  • Detaching the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone
  • Surgical suctioning of fat cells in the region (lipectomy) 
  • Removal of the excess skin and fatty tissue that hangs over the genitals and thighs
  • Removal of the fat pad above the pubic area

Buried penis repair may also involve the application of sutures to the internal base of the penis. 

Dr. Amend may also recommend medications to clear up any infection due to buried penis. Weight loss also helps people with obesity overcome buried penis. 

If a man needs counseling to manage the psychological effects of having a buried penis, Dr. Amend can recommend trusted therapists in the local area to help. 

Call the office of Gregory Amend, MD, today or use the online scheduling tool to get help with buried penis. Dr. Amend can answer any questions you have about the condition and discuss your treatment options. 

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